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gps fleet management system

Why GPS Tracking?

1.Fuel Consumption

With trucks spending an average of 3 – 6 hours on engine idle time, companies are losing an estimated 1095 – 2190 liters of fuel per year per truck. This is due to drivers leaving the engine running during lunch breaks, road blocks, and traffic points as well as conducting their routine check on the truck whilst the vehicle is on and also leaving the engine running for an hour as opposed to 10 -20 minutes it takes for the truck to be ready to depart.

With our GPS tracking fleet management platform, reports on engine idling can be generated for all vehicles, allowing you to know which have exceeded the set period of time allowed, for how long and in which location, as well as fuel and mileage information. This provides you with data on consumption, as well as costs per mile for each vehicle. This therefore then allows you to know each individual drivers habits

2.Maximise utilization of the Fleet/Resources.

Live fleet/ vehicle monitoring allows for preparation of the next cargo for shipment, as well as schedule maintenance accordingly. The logistics manager will have an estimated date of return of the fleet, and can plan ahead for maintenance of the vehicle before its next trip, as well as schedule more projects; less time is also taken to prepare for the cargo to head off to its next destination.

Having a vehicle tracker makes it easier for the user to dispatch the next cargo, and enables the manager to estimate, with some degree of accuracy, when vehicle will reach their destination. This will lead to an increase in profit margins due to increased number of trips, and improved customer satisfaction, as they will be aware of when their cargo will reach the destination.

3.Increase Efficiency

Real time location of your fleet allows you to plan the route accordingly, hence avoiding road delays such as traffic, leading to punctuality and efficiency. Less time is also spent on following up with drivers on current location, saving costs on phone calls.

4.Customer Service and Satisfaction

Success and growth of any organization is tied to satisfied and unsatisfied customers, as they will both be likely to review the organization through word of mouth or social media, which can prove pivotal to the success of the company. With customers more likely to stay loyal to the company where they receive high quality service.

GPS tracking allows for security of cargo and improves on delivery time. Our AT300 OBD Tracker gives our clients the ease to control their fleet and maintain their business growth.

5. Accidents & Fines

Driver fatigue, poor vehicle conditions, and negligence play a vital role in the rise of accidents. Research conducted shows most accidents occurred either very early in the morning or late at night due to drivers attempts to avoid speeding fines, loading and offloading of unauthorized cargo and temporary stay in city of arrival due to family and friends residences being located there.

Driver fatigue was in part due to more trips being covered by individual drivers, without consideration for the weather and for travel time already accrued. With our fleet management software, data on hours worked, speeding alerts, harsh braking and acceleration, vehicle service data is available; this allows transport companies to create a timesheet for each individual driver, to ensure they are not overworked so as to avoid fatigue, and can now monitor each individual drivers behavior, so as to address over speeding, travelling too early or too late, which in turn will lead to the reduction of accidents and fines.

6.Reduced fines

During travel, drivers are instructed to park in a safe authorized area so as to avoid parking fines. However, most drivers opt to park on the side of the road, or in unauthorized areas so as to ensure the issuing of parking tickets; this is done in order to claim parking fines from the company.

Our Easy Track Fleet management software allows you to address this issue head on, as it can be pointed out to drivers that the area they parked was in an unauthorized zone, and hence the responsibility for the parking fine falls on the shoulders of the individual driver.

Easy Track OBD GPS vehicle tracker shows speed movement in real time hence informing the manager in case of over speeding. This can be reported to the driver hence reducing fines and increasing safe driving behavior by allowing the owner to meet safety and compliance laws.

7.Driver Behaviour

It becomes possible to analyze patterns and habits of individual drivers, as logistics managers can now access data on engine idle time, delays during travel time, excessive stoppage at a destination, harsh braking and harsh acceleration.

This allows you to know which drivers are wasting fuel due to excessive engine idle time, those who delay at the destination even after cargo has been offloaded, and which drivers driving habits can be detrimental to the lifespan of the vehicle as well as most likely to cause accidents on the road due to careless driving.

A vehicle owner or a manager can access information any time using any smart device through emails or by simply logging into our applications easily available in both apple store (IOS) and play store (Android).

8.Maintenance costs

Our Vehicle trackers collect data for the vehicle sending to the web based platform where users can create maintenance schedules with alerts when service is due. Regular servicing increases driving safety, boosts vehicle performance, whilst improving fuel economy and extending the lifespan of your vehicles. This eliminates the costs incurred by poorly maintained vehicles, such as sudden breakdowns, and leads to proper utilization of a vehicle, optimizing vehicle trip rotation and life span, as well as reducing the cost incurred to purchase new vehicles.

When carrying out fleet services, most transport companies in Australia will base their decision on the kilometers covered by a vehicle, as well as engine hours, with this data being available through the use of our fleet management software.

“Telematics is one of the most important investments a company can make.”

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