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Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

This Means that anybody (not just the driver) who has control in a transport operation can be held accountable for breaches of road laws.

Reasonable steps are few measures one can take to ensure that heavy vehicle drivers do not drive in contravention of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). A person in the supply chain can claim a ‘reasonable steps’ defence if they can show they did not know or could not reasonably have been expected to know that a breach had occurred.

In making a ‘reasonable steps’ claim a person also has to prove:

  • they took all reasonable steps to prevent the breach, or
  • there were no reasonable steps they could have taken to prevent the breach.
  • For the defence to be successful, ALL reasonable steps must have been taken – not just some.

Having a GPS vehicle tracking device installed in a vehicle could help the vehicle owner in understanding how the vehicle was driven by the driver. Did the driver take adequate break, did not drive beyond the hours required by the HVNL.

Some of the Benefits are :

  • Makes fatigue management easy to understand
  • Gives the operator assurance of compliance
  • Reduce administration costs such as phone calls, paper works and more.


  • With Daily trip reports a vehicle owner gets information such as total hours the vehicle was driven, breaks taken, when the vehicle was switched on/ off and see different traits of driving behavior.
  • Our Web-based software platform provides user with real time data, interactive dashboard and maps, monitor live movement of vehicles and extract different types of reports as per demand.
  • Identify risk of an incident by addressing poor driving habits
  • Set alerts such as over speeding, geo fencing, after hours driving.
  • Set up maintenance schedule and receive alerts when due.

“It is important for a business owner or vehicle owner to understand the safety and compliance rules and regulations involved in transportation.

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