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Australia's #1 Fleet Tracking Solution

At Easy Track Solutions we  are actively expanding our key competencies, focusing on the expectations of our clients in the various vertical industries in which they work and compete. We provide various solutions such as Fleet management, Vehicle tracking, Container tracking, Cargo security and monitoring, IOT and M2M sim cards and Software building and designing.

  1. Fleet Management and Vehicle tracking
Business fleet owners and private vehicle owners are increasingly employing fleet management solutions in Australia.

These solutions enable a client to remotely control their fleet more efficiently and cost effectively with real time monitoring. Our Fleet Management system allows you to track your fleet over the Internet using any modern gadget. You can track and receive warning alerts through email, SMS and/or our customized Mobile Application.

We also build white-labeled vehicle tracking and fleet/ asset management platforms for enterprise clients who require the system to be personalized as per their company theme, design and logo.

Effective management of a fleet using our system enables you to achieve:
  • Reduction in fuel costs and accidents through route optimization and monitoring driving behavior including speeding and harsh breaking alerts.
  • Increased vehicle security through Geo-fencing features and diversion alerts
  • Reduction in insurance costs by almost ten percent
  • Scheduled repairs and maintenance alerts
  • Scheduled detailed reports of the fleet

  1. Cargo tracking and monitoring
This solution will enable a client gain visibility over their assets through live updates on its location and lock status in real time.

Uses and Benefits:  
  • Secure and track loaded containers
  • Secure and track cargo located in storage facilities such as warehouses, dry ports Special Economic Zones, bonded warehouses
  • Track and measure temperature in storage facilities for perishable goods
  • Secure luxury goods, arms and military equipment and hazardous materials
  • Safety, security and quality of liquid cargo while being transported or stored
  • Reduction in cost of GIT (Goods In Transit) insurance
  • Security of the cargo by sending instant alerts, incase of any theft or disarming of the device/ lock
  • Complete log history of the cargo including the time and location of the cargo

  1. Software development and IOT
Our highly talented research and development team are constantly pursuing new technologies aiming to develop the overall customer experience.   We provide a number of tailor made management systems that cater to the needs of that particular industry.  Some of the software designed by us include:  
  • Customer relation management system (CRM)
  • HR/ Payroll software
  • Cargo tracking monitoring platforms
  • Enterprise Fleet management and vehicle tracking system with white labeling
  • Logistics and delivery platform
All our softwares are tailor made to specific client needs. These softwares can be customized as and when required.  We provide 24/7 online support and work on AMC’s that allow our customers to focus on their business and allow us look after their IT needs.  

  1. M2M Solutions
This solution enables  a client to control and management their devices under one platform. We provide M2M SIM cards and Data plans for M2M and IOT (Internet of things) devices. We provide clients with the most cost effective solution best fit for their purpose.
  • Our SIM cards can be used for vehicle telematics, smart meter reading, vending machines and any machine-to-machine data transmitting devices.

  1. Video Telematics
In this modern time, it has become extremely difficult to have control over the workforce and Assets. Our Video Telematics solutions allow you to have the precise locationof your mobile workers particularly those who are traveling frequently.This visibility allows companies to manage their workforces in real-timefor greatly improved planning and delivery, utilization, enhancedservice levels & customer satisfaction. The solution also givesout-of-office and lone workers added security and safety.   This has been very helpful for companies with a mobile workers such as; truck drivers, operations field force and sales team i.e.construction, mines, and clearing agents. Video telematics and personal tracking also allows consumers to remotely track the position of a loved ones, pet, asset, or any other important item in real-time through the internet or by placing a phone call.
Our dedicated and motivated team provides expert pre-sales consultancy to find the best solution for your business. 

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