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Free 4G OBD Vehicle Trackers in Australia – Upgrade now!

Get Your Free 4G OBD Vehicle Tracker in Australia – Limited Time Offer!


Upgrade to 4G – Secure Your Vehicle with Easy Track’s OBD Trackers


Say Goodbye to Outdated 3G Tracking Devices – Switch to Easy Track’s Free 4G OBD Trackers


Are you still using outdated 3G vehicle tracking devices in Australia? With the 3G internet network shutting down, it’s time to make the move to 4G and stay ahead with Easy Track’s latest OBD vehicle trackers. Upgrade now and enjoy a seamless and reliable tracking experience!

Why Choose Easy Track’s 4G OBD Vehicle Trackers?

Free 4G OBD vehicle trackers: Easy Track is offering free 4G OBD vehicle trackers to all customers in Australia. Say goodbye to expensive hardware upgrades and grab your free tracker today!

Minimum subscription of $12/month: Get access to Easy Track’s advanced tracking features with a minimum subscription cost of just $12 per month. Affordable and efficient, our plans cater to your budget and tracking needs.

Easy installation: Installing our OBD vehicle trackers is a breeze. Simply plug the device into your vehicle’s OBD port and start tracking instantly. No complex setup required!

Stay up-to-date: With the 3G network being phased out, it’s crucial to upgrade to a 4G internet connection. Easy Track ensures you stay connected, even in areas with limited 3G coverage.

Real-time tracking: Keep an eye on your vehicle’s location in real-time using our user-friendly mobile app or web portal. Receive instant notifications and alerts for added security and peace of mind.

Don’t Miss Out – Order Your Free 4G OBD Vehicle Tracker Today!

Ensure your vehicle’s safety and stay ahead with the latest 4G technology. Take advantage of Easy Track’s limited-time offer and get your free 4G OBD vehicle tracker now! Visit our website at www.easytelematics.com.au to place your order and secure your spot in the 4G revolution.

“Upgrade to 4G with Easy Track – Your trusted partner in vehicle tracking!”

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